Adults and adolescents

* Understanding the meaning of the diagnosis
* Appreciating how one's strengths can be used to compensate for       challenges

* Improving social skills through a didactic approach

* Coping with stress

* Reducing the anxiety and depression that can go along with an           autism spectrum diagnosis
Appointments can be scheduled to address any of the following issues:‚Äč

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Dr. McAllister uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy with adolescents and adults. This approach takes advantage of good reasoning skills in applying strategies to compensate for deficits in social skills and emotional regulation. 

Therapy and Support Services

Joseph R. McAllister, Jr., Ph.D.


* Providing families with support and direction after the diagnosis
* Helping the family present the diagnosis to their child (when               appropriate) and helping the child to accept both his or her                 strengths and their challenges
* Improving social skills through a didactic approach

* Reviewing intervention services and implementing intervention          techniques

* Managing challenging behaviors.