Dr. McAllister provides consultation and program development services to schools, educational systems, mental health services, and other agencies. Consultation can be arranged for individual cases, for a classroom, a school district, or across a program or agency. 

A number of the programs developed by Dr. McAllister have been replicated in other locations, including international sites. Dr. McAllister is available to assist programs and agencies in implementing any of the following programs:

  • inclusive summer program for children with autism

  • CBT based social skills groups

  • summer therapeutic groups for adolescences

  • transition to college/post-secondary supports

  • diagnostic/evaluation services

  • home-based intervention services

  • parent/family supports

  • training programs

​​Dr. McAllister can also conduct comprehensive program evaluations of a school or agency's autism services, providing a confidential and detailed report regarding findings and recommendations. Contact Dr. McAllister directly to discuss arrangements.

Joseph R. McAllister, Jr., Ph.D.

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Consultation and Program Development