Autism Services Pittsburgh

There are many reason for seeking an evaluation:

Evaluations for Adults

You may be seeking to better understand yourself and who you are. You may feel that your are "different" from others, or other people have described you in more harsh terms.

You may have been reading things on the web that remind you of  yourself,  or you see similarities between yourself and someone else you know who has been diagnosed. 

Perhaps your doctor or someone else has suggested an evaluation.

You may want to secure accommodations at work, things that would make it easier for you to function in that context.

​You might have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at a younger age and wonder if it still applies.

An appropriate evaluation can address any of the questions and concerns. More broadly, the evaluation should look at other issues that frequently occur together with an autism spectrum disorder, such as anxiety and depression. The evaluation can also help connect you with relevant resources and treatment options.